StencilMylarFilm.com supplies blank stencil films sheets in various thicknesses and sizes globally since 2012.

We offer a worldwide free shipping on all our orders.

If you are after larger quantities on a single order, please contact us for special pricing.  

Our machines are equipped to make 100% flat stencil sheets and ready to design your beautiful stencil works.

Our major thicknesses are:

100micron (0.1mm)

125micron (0.125mm)

150micron (0.150mm)

175micron (0.175mm)

190micron (0.19mm)

200micron (0.2mm)

250micron (0.25mm)

300micron (0.3mm)

350micron (0.35mm)

We also offer films in higher thickness and Transparent colour films as well on request. Please send us an email if you need another thickness or clear films.